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Monday, September 26, 2011

7:18 AM

 Address (Project: Another Country), Alfredo Juan Aquilizan & Maria Isabel Gaudinez- Auilizan

An installation that caught my eye during the Singapore Art Biennale 2008 would be the ‘Address (Project: Another Country)’ by the couple, Alfredo Juan Aquilizan and Maria Isabel Gaudinez-Aquilizan, who are both not local. They used to live in Philippines then migrated to Australia.

 Inspired from the balikbayan box, they began to “cube” objects they have been storing in their home for more than 10 years. And by joining these “cubes” of objects together, the couple managed to form a “room”. This “room” created has a door and a narrow passageway for the audience to actually go inside the “room” and view the other side of the balikbayan box.

 I think that this idea is very creative as you could walk through the passageway in the “room” without worrying that the objects would start crumbling down or bits and pieces would fall on you even though the objects are not glued together. These items are arranged in an artistic manner such as the cubes were clearly defined even without a separating line.

Balikbayan boxes are used a lot by Filipino migrants to store and relocate their belongings from one place to another.  The Aquilizans used these boxes to “cast” their own belongings as they migrated from the Philippines to Australia. To me, this is a smart idea as instead of letting so many items go to waste by throwing them away, the Aquilizans used them to create an art work. It sounds abit peculiar but I feel that the outcome of piling your unwanted objects in such a way is really interesting and something new to many people.

I got a shock when I looked closer at the items piled together as some of the balikbayan boxes contain scary items. For example, glow in the dark pictures of monsters, severed Barbie dolls, a baby doll’s arm sticking out of a pile of blankets, etc. However, some items were really cute and it just creates a temptation to pluck items from that “cubes”. Such items include: Mr Happy toy, teddy bears, figurines, etcetera. Thinking about how the rest would crush my friends and I if one item was taken out, the possible outcomes takes that feeling away.

Some items that I found funny were naked baby dolls getting squashed by towels, a Telly tubby toy behind a microphone and toy houses with toys living in them. These items also reminded me of how much stuff I can have at home. It made me want to clean up my house one day and donate unwanted stuff to the Salvation Army.

Come to think of it, being able to pack so many objects into such neat “cubes” really takes a lot of effort, calculations and planning. Everything must be planned correctly and stacked in an orderly manner or the “room” would be unstable. Especially the stacking of objects at the top must a hassle as the couple would have to climb up and down a ladder.

I really enjoyed viewing this art piece and had a fun time studying each “cube” of items. Though some were obscene like naked Barbie dolls, I still had a good laugh at how strange the Aquilizans personal items were. The Singapore Art Biennale never fails to surprise me :)




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